Pitch Analysis: Please Let Us Use One of Your Recipes & We’ll Give A Donation to Charity

Blogger School Pitch Analysis

We shared our thoughts the other day on viewing PR and brand approaches as pitches.

In this column (inspired by the excellent and highly recommended Social Dialect blog) we’ll examine some of the pitches we receive and say what we think is good, great and bad about them, hopefully [Read on...]

Pot Noodle with Extra Pots of Flavour

Pot Noodles

For an extra tasty pot noodle rather than adding water, make it using one of the many different types of jelly like pots of stock or flavour that are now on the market, maybe even the award winning ones. Simplz!

For more inspiration for recipe competitions for bloggers feel free to use our [Read on...]

How hotlinking images can land you in hot water

Why Hot Linking Images is not cool

Post updated on 5th November 2013

Hotlinking by Lesley S Smith

On the 16th of October, I decided to do a check online and find out how my image were faring. What happened next was that the post went blogger viral and brought in thousands of page views. I wasn’t prepared for the [Read on...]

Blogger School

Blogging is a very steep learning curve. Here at Blogger School, we aim to help bloggers to learn the skills they need to be successful.

We will tackle topics such as working with PR and brands, copyright, cookies, disclosure and any other topics we think may be useful.

We are very positive about working with PRs and brands. Blogger School was not set up to knock PRs - we know that both PRs and bloggers can gain a huge amount from working together - and we want these relationships to work better for the benefit of everyone.

Please feel free to leave questions for our blogging professors via a comment or send an e-mail to professor@blogger-school.com. All e-mails will be treated as confidential, and all questions can be published anonymously.