We love your blog! Do we get free advertising now?

Cheerleaders Flickr Creative Commons Richard Simon

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that a big brand endorsed their blog?

A hugely popular magazine or well known website (hereafter referred to below as “Big Site”) has spotted your li’l old blog and got in touch.

“You’re our favourite blog!” says Big Site’s e-mail. “We love you!”

“We love you [Read on...]

Pud you do it? PR pitches for Stir Up Sunday

Stirring Up Trouble

Photo: Jane Cockman / Flickr Creative Commons


Stirring up trouble

Christmas may start developing a presence in September but Stir Up Sunday truly only comes once a year.

For those of you outside the UK, Stir Up Sunday is a longheld British [Read on...]

Why you should ask for travel costs when attending brand & PR events

Train tickets

Last updated 22 October 2013

Invitations to glittering celebrity events and press shows sound wonderful, but things are less sparkly for bloggers than appearances suggest.

Getting there incurs expense. The total travel and attendance time – possibly a whole day if you’re travelling long distance – might otherwise be spent earning elsewhere. Possibly [Read on...]

PR E-Mails – Invitations or a Sales Pitch?


Last updated 23rd October 2013. As soon as you start to blog and publish an e-mail address you will start to receive a deluge of e-mails from brands, PRs and SEOs. Some will be great, others less so.

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff and decide what to accept and what [Read on...]

What have UK supermarkets done for food bloggers lately?

Apples in Supermarkets pic credit Flickr David Schofield

When it comes to supermarket shopping, customer loyalty is rarely as lucrative as shopping around for the best offers going. The same can be said of blogger outreach from the top supermarkets in the UK.

Engagement between bloggers and supermarkets has ranged from being fairly paid in cash at professional rates to reluctantly [Read on...]

When a Brand / PR wants to use your recipe on their site

Phil Roeder

Last updated 16th October 2013

We have all been there, a brand or PR sends some samples, and then when you have blogged about them and used then in a recipe they ask if they can use the recipe on their site.

Whilst I appreciate that it is hugely flattering to be asked, and [Read on...]

Blogger challenge terms and conditions – don’t sign the rights to your work away!

Updated on 14 October by Jeanne Horak-Druiff


Be sure to read the fine print when you are invited to submit a recipe to participate in blogger “recipe challenges” – increasingly, terms are being hidden in the fine-print that strip you of your ownership rights over your photo and recipe purely by [Read on...]

Disclosure and why it’s important

Updated 13 November2013

PLEASE NOTE that this page is provided purely for information purposes and comprises quotes from relevant legislation rather than any interpretation of the law. We are not lawyers and nothing on this page should be construed as constituting legal advice. If you are in any [Read on...]

Don’t be a schmuck, ask to be paid for your work!

Post updated on 06 September 2013.

I’ve just read a brilliant post by Sarah over at Maison Cupcake about why you should be paid for your work.

Many bloggers work for brands for free and there are occasions when this is fine, for instance when you are reviewing a product [Read on...]

Turning a Bad PR Approach into a Positive Experience

photo: Flickr/ keithellwood

Last updated 29 September 2013.

We all get those emails from PRs, the ones that just aren’t relevant. The temptation is to scream or bang your head against the wall.

The request to try a meat hamper sent to a veggie blogger, the offer of crisps to a health blogger [Read on...]

Blogger School

Blogging is a very steep learning curve. Here at Blogger School, we aim to help bloggers to learn the skills they need to be successful.

We will tackle topics such as working with PR and brands, copyright, cookies, disclosure and any other topics we think may be useful.

We are very positive about working with PRs and brands. Blogger School was not set up to knock PRs - we know that both PRs and bloggers can gain a huge amount from working together - and we want these relationships to work better for the benefit of everyone.

Please feel free to leave questions for our blogging professors via a comment or send an e-mail to professor@blogger-school.com. All e-mails will be treated as confidential, and all questions can be published anonymously.