Don’t be a schmuck, ask to be paid for your work!

Melissa O'DonohuePost updated on 06 September 2013.

I’ve just read a brilliant post by Sarah over at Maison Cupcake about why you should be paid for your work.

Many bloggers work for brands for free and there are occasions when this is fine, for instance when you are reviewing a product or if you decide to make a dish using that product. This is your decision, however, if the brand is asking you to develop a recipe, then you should be asking for a fee. Don’t be taken in by the offer of free publicity, it rarely makes a difference. Remember they are being paid by the brand, as well as everyone else working on the campaign. The only person not being paid is you!

Doing work for free undermines everyone else. Why would a brand pay someone else if you are willing to work for nothing? If you keep giving it away for free, no one will pay you either!

Check out the post – Getting Paid Fairly for Your Work by one of our Guest Professors.

Don’t be a schmuck!

Written by Jacqueline Meldrum

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