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photo: Flickr/AnnieAnniePancake

photo: Flickr/AnnieAnniePancake

Last updated 28 September 2013.

When guest posts first appeared, the blogging world was a far simpler place and the guest posts usually took place between two bloggers that knew each other and agreed to write a post to appear on each others blogs.

There was no commercial intent and it was a friendly gesture – a nice way to gain exposure to a new audience.  But lately it has been commonplace for bloggers to receive random unsolicited e-mails from people offering them the “opportunity” of free content in the form of a guest post.  More often than not, the writers of these e-mails will present themselves as “freelancers” and will hide their employer’s identity behind a gmail address, so that the recipient does not immediately think they are dealing with a brand or PR firm.

The purpose of the guest post is usually for them to provide you with an optimised piece of text with anchor text and links relevant to their client – it is simply another stealthy way for brands to get links from popular blogs to their brands, and thereby increase their SEO and PageRank. Be aware that you can charge a company to place links on your blog, and do not be fooled into thinking you are helping out a struggling freelancer – or that you are getting something for nothing!


I am contacting you as a freelance writer specialising in food and wine. and I am looking to collaborate with webmasters on behalf of a number of food and wine clients. I would love the opportunity to write a free guest post for your site relevant to your theme and content.

I will provide all the content for free, and all I ask of you is a platform for publication.  It is a win-win situation for us both as I get to place my work on a high-quality site such as yours, and you enjoy the benefits of free content. Would you like me to send you some ideas for pieces that I could produce for you?

I look forward to collaborating with you.

Thank you for your mail.  I do not publish posts that I did not create myself [OR I do not accept guest posts from people who I do not know personally].   Should you or your clients wish to purchase links or advertising buttons or banners on my blog, I am attaching my advertising ratecard for your consideration.

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