Pitch Analysis: Please Let Us Use One of Your Recipes & We’ll Give A Donation to Charity

Blogger School Pitch Analysis

We shared our thoughts the other day on viewing PR and brand approaches as pitches.

In this  column (inspired by the excellent and highly recommended Social Dialect blog) we’ll examine some of the pitches we receive and say what we think is good, great and bad about them, hopefully helping both bloggers and brands along the way.

All identifying information has been removed.

E-mail received from a rather expensive online gift retailer

I hope this email finds you well. Just quickly a bit about us – [COMPANY NAME AND MARKETING BLURB] We have been looking for a charity to support for a while and have decided [DETAILS OF A VERY WORTHY CHARITY THAT TUGS ON THE HEART STRINGS]  and also some of their campaigns are a nice counterpoint to what we’re trying to do at [EXPENSIVE ONLINE GIFT RETAILER] in regards to our company ethos.

So where do you come in? Well, we are proposing to donate £10 for every recipe we receive from a blogger , which we’ll then post on our recipes portal crediting the recipe back to you and linking to your blog. In addition, we can provide you with a tracking link and if you shared that link and someone made a purchase from our site, then we’d also donate 15% of the proceeds to [WORTHY CHARITY].

[MORE CHARITY DETAILS]. It would be great to talk to you about it some more, if you’re interested, as it should be minimal work for you as we wouldn’t need you to create a new recipe, all we would need from you is permission to take a previous recipe, and we’d of course credit the recipe back to you within our own blog posts and social media content. Can I stress again that this is for a great charity and we would love to have you on board.



At first read this sounds good, a business wanting to help others, you get to help a charity and do not have to do much.

I stress that is is an excellent cause, and that the company could well have the best intentions for the charity at heart.


  • They  want to license my content with the donation being a fraction of my usual rate
  • Oh a tracking link – that means I link to them and drive their sales – they could donate ALL their takings for a set period to said charity
  • A cynic could possibly think that this is a very cheap way for them to pack their blog with free recipe content
  • Google does not like duplicate content

The Blogger School Reply

I appreciate that this is for an excellent cause, but I receive many of these requests.  My recipes for brands are priced at £££ and I am afraid that I am unable to license one to you in return for a £10 donation to charity.  I am sure that you do have the best of intentions, but there is a risk that this campaign could be viewed by some as a method to garner cheap content for your site.

There are also significant issues with the way that Google views duplicate content on the web, and there is the potential for it to damage our site search results.  In view of this I’d be delighted for you to use an image from an existing recipe on my site, along with a short excerpt with a link to the full content.

Alternatively, I have not allocated my blog charity budget for next month so would be delighted to provide you with a bespoke recipe for you with my regular fee going to the charity?

Thank you for drawing [THE CHARITY] to my attention.  I’ll give them a shout out in my next recipe post and make a donation.  This will save you having to upload my content and making the donation on my behalf.

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