Pitch Analysis: We’d Love You To Post Our Professionally Produced Video and Pay You … In Chuckles

Blogger School Pitch Analysis

This pitch sent to a Blogger School reader, who forwarded it to us for publication, did not leave us chuckling.

Christmas Cracker or damp squib? We are leaning towards the later.

The Initial Approach

We’ve made a funny food and christmas[sic] related (very) short animated film that I think you’ll like:

(this link: [REDACTED].)

If you do like it, then maybe you’d share it with your readers? (It might still be a little early… some time, when it feels right, between now and Christmas?)

If you do feature it, a link to “[REDACTED]” would be also be greatly appreciated, and if you let me know what you’re doing I’ll tweet a link to your blog from @[REDACTED].

All the very best


Producer / Director

To be fair it is a rather nicely (and presumably expensively) produced film, humorous, just the right length and has the potential to go viral thus earning the company lots of commissions and You Tube ad revenue.

Alarm bells ring at the use of “I think you’ll like” and the fact that they are asking for a link and their twitter account has around 60 followers – our blogger has about 100x that number.

Having got no response they sent a chasing up mail


I’m just chasing up my previous email – did you get a chance to check out “[REDACTED]“?


Our blogger responded in a very sensible way…

What’s your budget for placement? My standard rate is £250 to embed within a new post.

They replied …

Ah! Sorry. There was me thinking that the ‘content’ might have some intrinsic value. Sadly, I can only pay in chuckles.

Thanks for the reply!

All the best


Our blogger, rightly incensed at the chuckle line, went in with this mail.


Ah, I see, intrinsic value. Forgive me, I’m a little confused.

I can see that if I wanted to approach you to do something for me, I’d be looking at paying:

£40 per hour for a writer/producer
£700 for a two-person crew
£375 for a director
£375 for a sound recordist
£350 for an edit suit for the day

So it would start to add up, wouldn’t it?

Is there some charitable angle to your production and promotion of [REDACTED]?

Or, shall I just spend my (unpaid) time writing a post on my blog, adding editorial content and code, publishing it, sharing it across my networks, replying to comments to engage with my readers – to promote [REDACTED]?

Perhaps you’d like to shoot a recipe video for me and I can pay you in ‘chuckles’???

Best wishes for a very merry and intrinsically Happy Christmas


Anonymous blogger, here at Blogger-School we salute you!

What would you have said?

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