Pitch Analysis: Please Write Us a Recipe In Return for a Link Exchange

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We shared our thoughts the other day on viewing PR and brand approaches as pitches.

In this  column (inspired by the excellent and highly recommended Social Dialect blog) we’ll examine some of the pitches we receive and say what we think is good, great and bad about them, hopefully helping both bloggers and brands along the way.

All identifying information has been removed.

E-mail a number of food bloggers have received from big international digital agency for UK white goods and electronics big retailer.

Your recipes are great – get one featured on [REDACTED] Cookbook

My name is [REDACTED] and I’m getting in touch to offer you the exciting opportunity to get featured in [REDACTED] Healthy Recipes (digital) Cookbook. We love your blog and think your recipes are simply great.

We’re looking for your best healthy recipe, whether it’s a pre-workout snack, a main meal or a delicious dessert. A traditional recipe with a low-fat or low-salt twist would be perfect; but the most important thing is that it delivers a taste sensation.

All you need to do is send us list of ingredients, a set of instructions, a title for the recipe, a short quote about why you love it and a photo of the finished dish by Friday 17th January lunch time (yes, it’s this Friday. Sorry!). Once it’s out, we’d ask you to blog about it.

What’s in it for you: we will mention and link to your blog from [REDACTED]website (in the ‘Cooking & Home Appliances’ section) AND we will promote the book on [REDACTED] social media channels, which means you’ll have a chance to get noticed by 434k Facebook fans and 42k Twitter followers!

Here is how the [REDACTED] Christmas Cookbook looks like: [REDACTED]

How does this sound? Are you interested? Feel free to shoot any questions and, most importantly, reply promptly to this email if you’re up for this.

Have a great day!

In our opinion the only response to this is a polite reply, expressing delight that they like your site and recipes and asking (whilst holding out little hope) what their budget is.

Unfortunately, I do not have a budget for this. It would simply be a ‘link exchange’ ([REDACTED] link to you and you link to [REDACTED]) with the social media promotion perk.


The Good

  • They did try to flatter me …

The Great

  • Nothing

The Ugly

Where to start …

  • Wanting free content! Just say no. Here is our list of links on why we feel it is a bad idea to work for free.
  • A very short deadline
  • Asking for a link exchange rings alarm bells – here is what Google says.

Suggested Responses

  • Explain why you do not work for free – maybe the message will get through eventually?
  • Thank them for leaving it until the last minute to contact you and promise to bend over backwards to help them not look like a complete failure to their client?
  • Submit a spoof recipe?

Pot Noodles

Recipe: Healthy Pot Noodle

Make pot noodle as per the packet instructions.

Serve with a side salad.

What would you have said?

If you have received a pitch recently you would like us to analyse then please  send us an e-mail in confidence to professor at blogger-school dot com.

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2 comments to Pitch Analysis: Please Write Us a Recipe In Return for a Link Exchange

  • The other day I was offered a competition entry in exchange for a post on my blog so I offered the nice lady the exact same offer but in reverse! Well if it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander surely. Strangely I never did hear back. If the offer isn’t enticing enough for them then why should it be for us. I also pointed the lady to my competition page where the prizes didn’t involve her having to come up with her favourite Valentine menu and blogging about it!

    Please please brands stop trying to get something for nothing. Like the Emporer’s new clothes we can see through your half baked ideas and your credibility is severely damaged in the process! At the end of the day we need to pay for the electricity that powers our computers and a link back to our sites isn’t going to do that!

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