Blogging and the Law

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Blurring advertising and blogs – why it pays to know the ad rules – ASA 13th Nov 2013.



A list of 10 bogus excuses people use when stealing photos from the internet.   Please just don’t.

Photo agencies order to pay $1.2M for photographs taken from Twitter.



Blogger School

Blogging is a very steep learning curve. Here at Blogger School, we aim to help bloggers to learn the skills they need to be successful.

We will tackle topics such as working with PR and brands, copyright, cookies, disclosure and any other topics we think may be useful.

We are very positive about working with PRs and brands. Blogger School was not set up to knock PRs - we know that both PRs and bloggers can gain a huge amount from working together - and we want these relationships to work better for the benefit of everyone.

Please feel free to leave questions for our blogging professors via a comment or send an e-mail to All e-mails will be treated as confidential, and all questions can be published anonymously.