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Updated 6 September 2013

As soon as you start getting approaches from PRs, whether or not you intend accepting these approaches or taking money for your services, it will save you a lot of time and effort if you draw up a page detailing your review, PR and disclosure policies and link to it from your blog. Replying to PRs becomes much easier when you can just say “thanks for your mail, here is my disclosure policy FYI [link] which will explain why I cannot accept your offer” or words to that effect.

Obviously, because no 2 people blog for exactly the same reason, and because each of us will have different ideas of what we will and will not do for money on our blogs, it is not possible to draft a template PR / disclosure / review policy, but here are some links to those of well-known UK food bloggers to give you some pointers for drawing up your own.

Please remember that all these pages are subject to the copyright of the individual bloggers! You may take inspiration from them but you may not copy them unless the blogger has given you express permission to do so!!

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