Stop Working For Free

Stop Working for Free

For more information on why as a blogger you should be paid we recommend this excellent article from Decor8.   Please do not be the amateur solution, and do not fall for the exposure mantra.  Share and link to this excellent post.

With freelance rates being squeezed all the time French Newspaper Libération published an issue on the 14th Nov 2013 with no photos to highlight the issue.  The paper is dull, quiet and lacking a voice.  You do not realise the important of photography until it is missing.

To join in the discussion do take a look at, and join, the Stop Working For Free Facebook group. Lots of conversation, help and support going on.

A very interesting article on how online publications are raking in advertising revenue, whilst asking contributors to work for free.  Hardly fair is it?

An excellent article from the Toronto Star on what to say when you are asked to work for free, with some excellent responses to some of the common responses.

This post is about knitting and is an excellent read on how people in general devalue creative work - and is a must read for all freelancers who do anything creative.

Ren Behan says – Wow – a very powerful piece for all writers to read: “I appreciate that this is easy to say but hard to do but more people must make a stand against publishers who aren’t so much cheapskates as ‘noskates’, if journalism and publishing are to remain open to all writers need to say that they are impoverishing our culture in every sense of that word, and to refuse to play the game.”

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