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At the moment there seem to be more and more invitations to take part in recipe competitions.  If there is sufficient incentive to take part then we love these challenges; many brands send hampers and very generous samples to those taking part, others even pay.   Some are more paltry – offering nothing to take part, even insisting that by taking part you are handing over your copyright to your work.

We’ve written about it a few times.

Pitch Analysis: Blogging for competition entries

Blogger Challenges Terms and Conditions – don’t sign the rights to your work away

Brand / PR Competitions and challenges for Bloggers

And still these competitions keep coming.  We are changing our policy and we’ll be entering every single one we can, with our one size fits all recipe competitions entry.

Pot Noodles

Competitions we have sent our Pot Noodle One Size Fits All Recipe To

The Good Elf Christmas Recipe Competition – Christmas Pot Noodle

Take one chicken and mushroom pot noodle (after all chicken is close enough to turkey)

Make as per the packet instructions and add 2 teaspoons of cranberry sauce for full festive cheer!

This is my entry for the Good Elf Christmas Recipe Competition.

.Just in case Google is watching I have made the requested link no follow and made a note in my diary to delete the link once winners have been announced.

Competition entered 27th November

Stanley House Hotel and Spa are running a competition to win night at their hotel, including dinner, breakfast and spa treatments.   Unfortunately they are not paying for travel so taking up my prize would cost me money   Also their T&Cs give no details on how the winner will be chosen.

To enter I have been asked to write about my ideal wedding menu.

Pot Noodles.  Love them.  Plus barely any catering needed, just an urn of boiling water.

This is my entry into the Stanley House wedding menu competition. Find out more at:

.Just in case Google is watching I have made the requested link no follow and made a note in my diary to delete the link once winners have been announced (no mention of when this will be either). 

Competition entered 22nd November 2013

Apparently Wharf Valley oils are redesigning their website and are looking for as many recipes as possible to feature on the site and on the recipe cards they had out at events, so they are asking their fans to submit recipes and to win some oils.   T&Cs are sketchy.     It does beg the question why do they not save some of the redesign budget for recipe development.

Pot Noodle with oil
For an extra moist pot noodle add a tablespoon of oil.

Competition entered 22nd November 2013

Have you seen a recipe competition for bloggers recently we can send a pot noodle inspired recipe to?

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6 comments to The One Size Fits All Recipe Competitions Entry

  • Do you know, I think all bloggers should have secret blogs for entering competitions just like the hotel one above. No-one would read these blogs as they wouldn’t be publicised and you wouildn’t look stupid putting rubbish content out there on your quality blog! That’s all these mean sneaky companies deserve!

  • I’m fed up with the number of e-mails I get asking to enter competitions or just promote a competition as though we’ve all got nothing better to do and desperate for content on our blogs – bah!

    I’m getting really fed up with PRs / SEO types at the moment. I spend ages working something out with them and planning where my posts to fit it in etc etc then wait for expected samples / ingredients / whatever to arrive AND nothing! I chase, I get an e-mail saying, oh sorry there has been a delay, we’ll get it to you this week AND then nothing. I chase again with the same response AND nothing. I chase again and get no further replies. Is it just me?

    • I quite often have things that never turn up. To be honest if they say they’re going to send something but then don’t it’s indicative of the lack of value they attach to being featured if they’re not paying for it. They might have “agreed” something with you but if other sites say yes at same time they’ll decided which sites get priority and just go quiet on your end. It’s a bit like going on a date and they say “I’ll call you.” Also indicative of how little value they attach to coverage if they’ve not invested much in it. I suppose the flip side of this is bloggers receiving stuff but never featuring it – then again if there’s no financial commitment made at either end, this will sometimes happen.

      I wouldn’t plan posts around products until they’ve actually turned up. And I would be less inclined to work with an agency who messed me about.

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