Turning a Bad PR Approach into a Positive Experience

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Last updated 29 September 2013.

We all get those emails from PRs, the ones that just aren’t relevant. The temptation is to scream or bang your head against the wall.

The request to try a meat hamper sent to a veggie blogger, the offer of crisps to a health blogger or the offer to test drive a new car that goes out to a craft blogger. I often wonder if the PRs bother to look at my blog and I am sure you all feel the same.

Let’s turn the negative into a positive!

We all make mistakes and sometimes PRs are working from lists that are passed on to them. It would be nice if they could all take the time to have a good look at our blogs and find out about us, but less face it that isn’t always going to happen.

Don’t hit delete or send back a snippy reply!

Here’s what to do. Send a polite email back letting the PR know this isn’t relevant to you. Tell them about about you and what your blog is about. Give them your media pack and let them know you would be happy to work with them on future relevant campaigns.

So what did that achieve?

  1. The PR now knows more about you and your blog
  2. Hopefully they will be more careful before sending out emails in the future, although this isn’t guaranteed.
  3. You’ve been professional and that will be noted.
  4. They have you on record, as well as list of what you charge.
  5. They are more likely to contact you with future campaigns as they will be more likely to remember you. You never know what client they will be working with next.
  6. Bad news spreads fast. If you are rude, it’s more likely to be shared around among colleagues and they will NOT get in touch with you again.
  7. It’s good karma man!

So next time you have a bad PR experience turn it to your advantage.

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