When a Brand / PR wants to use your recipe on their site

Phil RoederLast updated 16th October 2013

We have all been there, a brand or PR sends some samples, and then when you have blogged about them and used then in a recipe they ask if they can use the recipe on their site.

Whilst I appreciate that it is hugely flattering to be asked, and it can be a useful thing to do to build your “As seen” page, points to bare in mind are.

  • Brands on the whole have a recipe development budget, the cost of having a stylist, home economist and chef for a recipe is huge.
  • Some brands are prepared to pay bloggers for recipe development work, expect at least a (low) three figure sum
  • The PR doing the asking is paid to do their job
  • I have done this in the past and have had zero traffic from the sites involved.  Why would I get it? The recipe is on the brand’s site.  Very few people will think “Oh that looked good I’ll see what else the blogger has written”
  • You are inadvertently undercutting people who earn a considerable part of their income from blogging.

My solution now is to say that unfortunately I cannot let them publish the entire recipe unless they pay my standard fees, as it would be unfair on my clients who do pay me, BUT I would be delighted to let them publish a description and a thumbnail and then to link to me for the full recipe.

I think that this is a win win situation.  They get interesting content, you potentially get traffic, you still get links for your “as Seen” page, there are no issues with Google and duplicate content and it sends out the message that bloggers will not work for free, or for samples and that we have a very real and valuable skill set. With any luck sending out this message consistently will result in more £ for everyone.

If entering a blogger challenge you might find this post on copyright and terms & conditions a useful read

By Helen Best-Shaw, Fuss Free Flavours.  Originally published on UKFBA.

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6 comments to When a Brand / PR wants to use your recipe on their site

  • My next question would be.. how much would or could you ask if a brand takes over your complete recipe?

    • I think it depends on the brand, complexity of the recipe, quality of your images and if they will be crediting you. It would be galling to only charge £150 and then see all your material used in a major advertising campaign uncredited to you.

  • Thanks for this. I was recently asked if someone could use my recipe and I must say I agreed. I don’t really use my blog to earn money at the moment (with 7 children my life is already complicated enough), but I was concerned about duplicated content and really couldn’t see that I’d get many people returning to my blog, so there is precious little in it for me. It’s also unlikely I’ll ever work with that PR again. As they haven’t yet come back to me with a link to the article (as I requested) I think I’ll get back to them and suggest we alter the arrangement.

    • I do understand that many people are not earning money from their blogs, but I think that once bloggers realise that other bloggers are being paid few will turn the money down. How lovely to be paid for your hobby, and these days every penny counts.

      • I believe that it may be a hobby but Blogging is a proper job and needs rewarding, trust me I don’t think anything else at 2am when I’m still editing a post and will be getting up at 6.45!
        For me at the moment I usually negotiate goods or vouchers rather then cash – that situation will no doubt change in the future, but not this year at least. With the recipe request it was the first time I’ve been asked. I was flattered and didn’t think deeply before I responded, I didn’t even consider what was in it for me. Your post points it all out, I wish I’d read it first.

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