When a PR Sends Press Releases / Videos / Infographics – Ask what their placement budget is

Last updated 6 September 2013.

photo: Flickr/ Melbourne IT

photo: Flickr/ Melbourne IT

Hardly a day goes by when we do not receive an e-mail from a PR telling us about their client’s HUGELY exciting new press release or video, telling us why it would be a great fit for our blog and free content to boot, and asking when they can expect to see it live on our blog.

They are not in the charitable business of providing us with quality content – they are after a bit of free advertising real estate on our blogs, so that they can go back and tell their client that they have placed the video on 3 sites with a total of half a million monthly pageviews and not spent a cent.

There really are only 2 responses:  go away; or go away and come back when you have a budget to pay for space on my blog.


We are a brand new restaurant/bar/shop/cookery school in Anywhere Street, London.  Our focus is on locally sourced artisanal popcorn and we also run popcorn masterclasses.  We are great fans of your website – we particularly loved your recent post on burgers/bacon/burgers/BBQ/burgers and we’d love to feature on your blog.

Can we send you a Press Release / video clip / infographic please?  We are sure that this content will be a perfect fit for your readers and we look forward to reading your post containing our press release / video clip / infographic.


Thanks for your mail.  Feel free to send me a press release / video clip / infographic, but as I explain on my page dedicated to PR queries, I do not publish press releases nor do I review or feature places I have not visited.

Should you have any review opportunities available, I am able to accept invitations to review venues.  Alternatively, should you wish to purchase an advertising banner or button on my site, I have e-mailed you my ratecard, including prices for sponsored content as well as advertising buttons and banners.


My site is a personal blog, and as such I generally do not publish recipes or write about things that I have not experienced.  I publish my own original recipes and content,  but I am able to feature this as a sponsored post for which a fee is payable.

I can publish your recipe / infographic / press release as it is, or for a recipe I can recreate, style photograph and blog it.

Examples of successfully publishing a brand’s content for a fee

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